Writing Goals

I am excited about this one.  I think it will help keep me and the munchkins on track in terms of writing goals.  It made from pieces found at this wonderful blog, Zeek's Zoo. 

The pieces are all there ready to be downloaded and printed!  She's got a cuter title that I didn't use because I want to find a Super Joey (because we're Jennifer's Joey's) to stick up there so it's not quite finished.

The idea is to stick each kiddo's name on a sticky note and put it in the area on which they are working.

Using finger spaces was the first one, but I did not include it on my poster and there's a higher level one at the end (I can't remember what it says, but it's a good one).  I stuck these to the back of the poster, mostly so I wouldn't forget in case kiddos were ready to move up to that final piece.

I'm so glad that teachers are so willing to share their creations and ideas... I am able to learn so much from all these talented educators! ♥


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