Sunday, July 29, 2012

Literacy Station Anchor Charts

*Update:  These Charts have been reworked and redesigned!

As of August 19, 2014 these Literacy Station Anchor Charts have been reworked and edited to work in classrooms that utilized a balanced approach to literacy instruction.  The *freebies* have been removed to avoid any copyright infringement worries and frankly, I LOVE these so much more.  It could be the black and white checks... it could be the chevron... who knows!?

There is one example set all filled in, and there is ONE blank set ready for you to bling-a-ling any way you see fit.  Use them to help guide your students through independent work stations and leave them up so that your administrators have no doubt about the hows and whys of the many goings on in side your awesome classroom.

Any which way you say it, they are uploaded to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and ready for you iffin' ya want 'em! They are just $3.00.

The coordinating Voice Level Charts can be found here!!

With happiness,
Jen ♥

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Story Folders and a Freebie :)

During independent writing time (Work on Writing if you're doing the wonderful Daily 5) my kiddos have what we called Story Folders last year.  I may keep the same name or we may switch it up.  Who knows?!  Years ago, I called them Draft Books and I had a little guy named Bobby who called them Giraffe Books.  He also told everyone that they "weren't born in a window factory" after I asked to them to sit down because we couldn't see through them.  He was a character... I hope he still is!  

In these folders, whatever you choose to call them, are collections of writing pieces that the kids are working on, editing, practicing, whatever.  They bring them to our Writing Workshop Conferences and I usually keep some sort of documentation form in there to remember what we've done.  In the past, I had an alphabet chart & a list of high frequency words in each folder for the kids to use independently. This coming year, I want that to change a little bit. 

[enter Pinterest] I found lots of great ideas on what to include in writing folders and finally settled on something I wanted to make myself.  Mostly because I'm madly in love with DJ Inkers clipart and wanted to use as many animals from the Critter Craze CD as humanly possible.  You can go find it here.  Go ahead, I won't judge!  I'm obsessed, I admit it.  I have no self control. 

I also wanted a personal and portable word wall that the kids will have full control over.  They will fill it out, and I will have to remind them to use it, because I know they will forget, but that's ok!  That's why I'm here.  

I want it to be theirs, words in their handwriting, words that are meaningful to them, words that they use or need to practice... you get the idea.  I have a sinking feeling that it may be too small, but the great thing about having them in control of it instead of me, is that all I need to do is provide extra copies if they are needed.  Word walls can be on two pages, right?

Anyhow... here they are if you'd like to snag a copy.  ♥  Click on the pics to grab them. :)

QR Code Welcome... :)

Pinterest, you will either make me crazy or make me a better teacher.  I swear, the zillions of ideas I find on there often get lost after I've pinned them.  However, some stick with me that I cannot wait to try!  This QR Code welcome to parents is one of them.

Originally posted here, where the code took parents to important school information, I made my own version thanks to 

This beautiful code, once scanned by the parent's smart phones, will take them directly to my website where they will be kept up to date with classroom information. I plan to stick it outside the door at our "Meet the Teacher Night" before school starts.  I may keep it up throughout the year, assuming I can keep up with the blogging.  We shall see!  :)

  As the year goes on, my site may change or I may choose to link them directly to our school website.  In either case, I'll make a little postcard to send home with a new cute little QR code on it.  

♥ 21st Century Teaching ♥

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Student Information Card Freebie

Here's a student information card to get the year started.  I included questions about the home use of technology. If I find that I have a lot of kiddos who have internet access (not as common as you may think in my neck of the woods) & parents who use smart phones, I'll know that I can include special internet or app based activities in home connections.

It has a DJ Inkers kangaroo on it because we are Ms. Jennifer's Joeys!  I need to find a clipart appropriate for "munchkin" since that seems to be the name of choice for this year's kiddos.  It's gotta be a DJ Inker!

Grab a copy iffin' ya wanna!

**woopse!  I had the wrong link attached here.... I fixed it!  :)

Rainbow Roll and Spell Freebie :)

Okay, I know I've seen these done tons of different ways so I can't credit where the idea came from.  Sorry for that but I wanted to change it up a little bit so that it could be used in both a math & literacy station.  I figured I could provide a list of spelling words, vocabulary words, math word wall words, or high frequency words.  It's flexible!

I wanted the dots to out of the typical pattern, and then later in the year I may get rid of the dots altogether and use number words on homemade dice instead.

The adorable clipart is naturally from DJ Inkers and the font is called LD Elementary if you're curious.  One of my faves because its so clear and easy to read.

Feel free to download your own copy! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Writing Goals

I am excited about this one.  I think it will help keep me and the munchkins on track in terms of writing goals.  It made from pieces found at this wonderful blog, Zeek's Zoo. 

The pieces are all there ready to be downloaded and printed!  She's got a cuter title that I didn't use because I want to find a Super Joey (because we're Jennifer's Joey's) to stick up there so it's not quite finished.

The idea is to stick each kiddo's name on a sticky note and put it in the area on which they are working.

Using finger spaces was the first one, but I did not include it on my poster and there's a higher level one at the end (I can't remember what it says, but it's a good one).  I stuck these to the back of the poster, mostly so I wouldn't forget in case kiddos were ready to move up to that final piece.

I'm so glad that teachers are so willing to share their creations and ideas... I am able to learn so much from all these talented educators! ♥

Bravo to the Bravo Board idea! :)

Inspired by this wonderful blog post at Totally Terrific in Texas, I created my own Bravo board. 

The point of the board is to tally up the most points toward a specific goal to win a designated prize.

I see it being a very flexible piece in motivating kiddos to do their best at all kinds of things whether it be cleaning up their table spaces, being the first to line up, working the most dilligently... whatever!  Options are truly endless.

As of the end of last year, I had 5 tables but always wound up with one extra so I made sure to put 6 color strips (one for each table).  I used construction paper and glued them to a half of a piece of poster board. 

I'm excited!  ♥

Pinterest Strikes Again...

I was so inspired by billions of pins throughout this past school year I thought FOR SURE I'd do them all this summer.  Well, I tried but failed so...I trudge on!

This one is from a picture found here:

I have no idea where it originated.

I can't wait to see how the munchkins use it and I love that it's on poster board so it can be portable. Don't judge me for my crooked lines and terrible handwriting. Or the fact that my pig looks a little bit like Dobby from Harry Potter.  I think the kiddos will like it.  I'm thinging about ading some command hooks and rings for them to just flip the numbers up to 100 and for the digital date, but I think the rest of it will help them with the concepts and with their handwriting.  I am thinking about using it as a math station!

I may be thinking too much... LOL 

We shall see... :)

Reward Cards Freebie :)

I am in love with DJ Inkers.  I will never fall out of love with DJ Inkers.  
The clipart is heaven on earth!  

Here's a little set of reward cards I plan to use with the munchkins this year.  I've seen people making cute cards for this purpose on VistaPrint but the free thingie never seems to work for me, so I got to play with clipart.  Oh my.. :)

I have a really big stuffed alligator named Ralph that is included on one of the cards, in case you were wondering what that was all about.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Color Clip Charts

Inspired by my random scrolling through Pinterest and a post found here by a wonderful blog, First Grade Fanatics, and my own system of color clipping for behavior, I re-did a few things and included a take-home piece to use for parent communication.

Here's my before picture of the color clipping that I used on the side of the file cabinet.  It was unruly, magnetic pieces kept falling off, names were getting lost, kids were moving other kids' names up/down the list... it was a mess!  It even looks a crazy mess.. sorry! And you can see, I was not initially very good at moving kiddos down AND up the chart.  I got better at that with practice and the kids would BEAM when they got on spectacular.  Super Green, Awesome, and Spectacular days always got a little something extra in their take-home folders.

Later, I made it a big bigger & printed very simple versions of the system to place in page protectors.  I think taped them all together and stuck them to a door inside the classroom.  That was better, and it was near my small-group table so children were less-likely to move each others names up and down the list.  However, it was too big and nobody could reach "Spectacular!"

I wanted to change the size, the language, and the colors of the clip chart.  I've been very guilty of sticking a negative connotation to the colors on the chart.  I am so tired of red always meaning something bad.  I want to stop that... so I did!  Since pink is my favorite color ever, it is now the "home" spot on the chart!

My favorite new spot on this chart however, is the next to last spot on the clippy thingie.... instead of saying "warning" or "teacher choice," I decided to label it, "Let's Make a Plan."  With any hope, this will help keep the munchkins (AND ME) accountable for making important changes in behavior, learning patterns, discipline, behavior management, and/or classroom management that will help keep all kids on task and successful.  I have big plans for this upcoming year!

 Love!  ♥

Feel free to download at my TpT store here or grab it here by clicking on the pics (or links) below!  :)

Color Chart Take Home

Color Cilp Chart

Color Clip Chart Weekly Take-Home