Story Folders and a Freebie :)

During independent writing time (Work on Writing if you're doing the wonderful Daily 5) my kiddos have what we called Story Folders last year.  I may keep the same name or we may switch it up.  Who knows?!  Years ago, I called them Draft Books and I had a little guy named Bobby who called them Giraffe Books.  He also told everyone that they "weren't born in a window factory" after I asked to them to sit down because we couldn't see through them.  He was a character... I hope he still is!  

In these folders, whatever you choose to call them, are collections of writing pieces that the kids are working on, editing, practicing, whatever.  They bring them to our Writing Workshop Conferences and I usually keep some sort of documentation form in there to remember what we've done.  In the past, I had an alphabet chart & a list of high frequency words in each folder for the kids to use independently. This coming year, I want that to change a little bit. 

[enter Pinterest] I found lots of great ideas on what to include in writing folders and finally settled on something I wanted to make myself.  Mostly because I'm madly in love with DJ Inkers clipart and wanted to use as many animals from the Critter Craze CD as humanly possible.  You can go find it here.  Go ahead, I won't judge!  I'm obsessed, I admit it.  I have no self control. 

I also wanted a personal and portable word wall that the kids will have full control over.  They will fill it out, and I will have to remind them to use it, because I know they will forget, but that's ok!  That's why I'm here.  

I want it to be theirs, words in their handwriting, words that are meaningful to them, words that they use or need to practice... you get the idea.  I have a sinking feeling that it may be too small, but the great thing about having them in control of it instead of me, is that all I need to do is provide extra copies if they are needed.  Word walls can be on two pages, right?

Anyhow... here they are if you'd like to snag a copy.  ♥  Click on the pics to grab them. :)


  1. I love your stuff!! I found you on pinterest and have been pinning away at items from your blog. Thanks so much!!

    ✿ Stacy
    Land of Aha-Z!


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