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Inspired by my random scrolling through Pinterest and a post found here by a wonderful blog, First Grade Fanatics, and my own system of color clipping for behavior, I re-did a few things and included a take-home piece to use for parent communication.

Here's my before picture of the color clipping that I used on the side of the file cabinet.  It was unruly, magnetic pieces kept falling off, names were getting lost, kids were moving other kids' names up/down the list... it was a mess!  It even looks a crazy mess.. sorry! And you can see, I was not initially very good at moving kiddos down AND up the chart.  I got better at that with practice and the kids would BEAM when they got on spectacular.  Super Green, Awesome, and Spectacular days always got a little something extra in their take-home folders.

Later, I made it a big bigger & printed very simple versions of the system to place in page protectors.  I think taped them all together and stuck them to a door inside the classroom.  That was better, and it was near my small-group table so children were less-likely to move each others names up and down the list.  However, it was too big and nobody could reach "Spectacular!"

I wanted to change the size, the language, and the colors of the clip chart.  I've been very guilty of sticking a negative connotation to the colors on the chart.  I am so tired of red always meaning something bad.  I want to stop that... so I did!  Since pink is my favorite color ever, it is now the "home" spot on the chart!

My favorite new spot on this chart however, is the next to last spot on the clippy thingie.... instead of saying "warning" or "teacher choice," I decided to label it, "Let's Make a Plan."  With any hope, this will help keep the munchkins (AND ME) accountable for making important changes in behavior, learning patterns, discipline, behavior management, and/or classroom management that will help keep all kids on task and successful.  I have big plans for this upcoming year!

 Love!  ♥

Feel free to download at my TpT store here or grab it here by clicking on the pics (or links) below!  :)

Color Chart Take Home

Color Cilp Chart

Color Clip Chart Weekly Take-Home



  1. I was wondering if there was a way to change the alligator on the how was my week freebie. My classroom theme is owls and thought it would be cute...

    1. Of course! I'll post a clip art-free version later today. That way you can add whatever spot of cuteness you like. :)

    2. Find it here: ♥


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