TTESS Evidence Binder for Texas Teachers

Need evidence to show your administrators the many things you do in your Texas classroom? Want to organize your thoughts and physical evidence before your summative conference? These binder pages are for you!

I was feeling completely overwhelmed by TTESS and these pages helped me organize my thoughts and take the guesswork out of my summative conference and final evaluation.  

Included in this set are 45 pages in a powerpoint file that you can edit with images and text.  Each domain of T-TESS has its own divider sheet and you can add your evidence in any way you choose.  In some places I added photos and detailed text, in other areas I just added physical pieces to make my point.  The skeleton of the binder is provided here, you add the rest.

First up, you have a few cover pages to select from.  Below are just a few of the choices.  You can, of course, edit your own cover using the blank page included in the file.

Then, you get into the important parts of the document.  This is where you will add evidence of all that you've accomplished and done throughout the school year.  Using this from beginning of the year to the end will make it easier and keep all of your documentation in one easy place. Then, when you go into your pre-conference meeting and/or your summative conference, everything is already compiled.

Each Domain within TTESS is given a divider page with brief descriptions of the dimensions within that domain.  For example, the planning domain is first.  Under that domain, Dimension 1.1 is "standards and alignment."  

On my Standards & Alignment page, I added all the ways that I have aligned the TEKS with my classroom instruction.  This included a yearly planning page, a weekly planning page, district alignment tools, and checklists that I use throughout the year to make sure I'm covering the standards. 
For the next dimension, I added data & assessments.  This section holds all the assessments that I've used and/or created for the year. We always say "teacher created assessments" in our evaluation feedback forms but rarely are we given the chance to show these off to our administrators.  They cannot possibly know everything that we do in the classroom so I put my things here so I could not only talk about it if the subject was brought up, but I had examples to share so there was a clear picture of my efforts throughout the school year. 

Below are just a few examples of things I included (not included in the file): 

evidence of progress monitoring

evidence of interventions performed and weekly progress monitoring

evidence of  RTI documentation

evidence of student self-monitoring of academic progress through data folders

I think you can get the general idea of how the binder works.  The product is basically the framework and you add in all of your evidence as to why your T-TESS score should rock the doodle!  :)

A few more photos from the inside of my binder: 
evidence of how my writing goals for the year impacted student achievement

evidence of daily parent communication

my binder :)

this is evidence of student progress on writing goals-a beginning of year sample

I printed the pages of astrobrights papers and slipped them into sheet protectors to act as dividers.  Next time, I will probably add some tabs at each Domain to help when flipping through at summative conference. 

evidence of goal setting and impact on student achievement

I didn't have much in this place this year because I was unsure of what to add, but for next year I can add professional development, a list of professional books I've read, and perhaps journals or edited lesson plans based on student performance after a lesson.  

Your purchase includes 43 pages in a Power Point file to help you organize your T-TESS evidence according to each domain,and add text as needed. There is text on most of the pages that will help guide you in the kinds of things that should be included in each dimension within the 4 domains of T-TESS. Use them as dividers for each section and add your evidence as you wish. 

5 different binder covers 
Planing Domain & Dimensions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3
Instruction Domain & Dimension 2.1-2.5
Learning Environment Domain & Dimensions 3.1-3.3
Professional Practices & Responsibilities & DETAILED Dimensions as Follows:
*professional demeanor and ethics
*walkthrough and evaluation data
*advocating for student needs
*RTI documentation
*goal setting
*professional goals
*evidence of goal completion
*student work showing improvement based on goal
*examples of teacher self-reflection
*implemented changes based on feedback
*professional development
*professional development transcript & certificates
*teacher created materials
*PLC, grade level, and/or department meeting notes
*evidence of collaboration and information sharing with colleagues
*school community involvement
*parent contact logs
*daily/weekly parent communication documentation
*classroom newsletter and/or website
*sign in sheets for community/family engagement night
*notes from parent/teacher conferences
*committee meetings attended: campus & district level
*partnership with community organizations
*parent panel or advisory group participation

*blank page to edit/add as you wish!

Don't be afraid to show yourself to your administrators! They can't possibly know everything that you do in the classroom. It'll be worth it!

Thanks so much! ♥

Many of the forms I used in my documentation are available in an inexpensive download on Teachers Pay Teachers.  The "Essential Forms for Teachers" file has many of the things you need to help document your hard work during the school year.  It is only $3.00.  See examples below: 


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