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Citizenship Braggies: Wearable Recognition Awards for Students

  Need a quick and simple motivator for good character traits in the classroom? Print, laminate, and add a badge clip to these tags and you've got all you need! Students wear them throughout the day, get noticed for their good deeds, and stand taller knowing that they've been recognized for positive character traits. No need for any more gimmicks or constant replenishing of supplies. At the end of the day, students return the braggies and they are ready for the following day. There are 32 different braggies included and they focus on the following character traits: courage, optimism, self-control, empathy, confidence, gratitude, integrity, responsibility, respectfulness, kindness, and citizenship. I use this tool to punch a hole once they are laminated and then I use these badge clips to make them wearable!  You'll be amazed at how long they hold up-we're talking multiple years, y'all!  I designed the braggies in this shape because there are no sharp edges of lami

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