House System for the Primary Classroom-Character Traits

Looking for a way to increase collaboration, build your classroom community, and have more fun?! This House System is perfect for your primary classroom.  There are 6 Houses included that are all based on good character traits using words in other languages.  

Reward students for earning house points by giving them a badge to wear during the school day. 

Six Houses with simple designs that can match any classroom decor.

There are two ways to sort your students: a spinner, and some paper strips to pull from a jar. Keep track of points by laminating the member sheets and using a dry erase marker to track with tally marks.  Bragging rights for the house with the most points!  Also included are some full pages with a map to show the country of origin, and a brief description of the character trait represented by each house.

I displayed our house names at each set of desks using these cute little photo holders from Amazon.  A tiny little glue dot holds them to the desks pretty well, too. 

Included is a spinner for house bonus points if you need a little extra boost of collaboration during the school day!  Just print, copy, cut, and stick a brad in the middle.  Easy peasy!

If you're interested in grabbing this simple house system for your classroom, you can grab it at this link.

Thank you!
Jen ♥


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