Tuesday, August 19, 2014

*Updated* Literacy Station Expectation Anchor Charts

*Update:  These Charts have been reworked and redesigned!

As of August 19, 2014 these Literacy Station Anchor Charts have been reworked and edited to work in classrooms that utilized a balanced approach to literacy instruction.  The *freebies* have been removed to avoid any copyright infringement worries and frankly, I LOVE these so much more.  It could be the black and white checks... it could be the chevron... who knows!?

There is one example set all filled in, and there is ONE blank set ready for you to bling-a-ling any way you see fit.  Use them to help guide your students through independent work stations and leave them up so that your administrators have no doubt about the hows and whys of the many goings on in side your awesome classroom.

Any which way you say it, they are uploaded to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and ready for you iffin' ya want 'em! They are just $3.00.

The coordinating Voice Level Charts can be found here!!

With happiness,
Jen ♥

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Meet the Teacher Night

Have you ever seen an idea that you just HAD to do right then and there?!  Well, I did!  This morning.  First thing this morning even and I couldn't wait to jump on idea.

The FANTABULOUS bloggers (Ms. Mogart, to be exact) over at Blog Hoppin' wrote up this wonderful post on using QR Codes at Meet the Teacher night.  Well, I'm a big fan of QR codes and have used one the past several years to keep outside my classroom door. However, it only took parents to my website.  I listed out other contact information but never once thought to add QR codes for other stuff!  Duh!

So what do you think I did?  I made up several signs and I can't wait to print them, laminate them, and put them in the hallway for Meet the Teacher night!  Techno teaching, y'all!

I included: website, district website, my email, my school telephone number, my classroom FB account.

I've even scheduled our first Parent/Teacher conferences on Sign Up Genius!

The best part is... now that I have the codes generated and the images saved, I can use them again!  I can add the codes to our newsletters, as a collage image for an email signature, or even create a postcard with all of the codes so parents can stick it on the fridge!! ♥

Brilliant ideas over at Blog Hoppin', y'all!  Check them out!!

Links to the QR Code website can be found on the Blog Hoppin' post here!

I'm getting excited to meet the new Munchkins!!

With happiness,
Jen ♥

Friday, August 8, 2014

Be Amazing Decor Squares

I may be completely #obsessed with chevron, clip art, black & white checks, and everything back to school!  I take that back.  I AM for sure obsessed.  I just completed this set of 16 decor squares and posted them on TPT.  I'm in love.  Can't wait to stick them on my classroom door!  

The idea is to put the word "BE" up there prominently somewhere and then surround it with the other squares.  I want it to be inspiring and encouraging to everyone who passes by our door.  Be amazing!  Be creative!  Be prepared! You get the idea!

Of course, I had to personalize a few and make them specific to our college theme this year, so I've got some all decked out with Texas Woman's University goodies!  Go TWU!! Those are NOT included in the pack, though.

Something that IS included is a kiddo set so that they can create their own squares to add to the display!  That's something I can't wait to do the first day (or maybe the first week) of school.  In theory, they will put their name on top, illustrate their goal in the middle, and then label their illustration at the bottom.  My clip art example is below.

There are blank ones included in 6 chevron brights for the kiddos to create or for you to personalize as you wish.  Just print and go! 

These squares are approximately 6 1/2" in size.  They are not perfect squares because I'm not a perfect kind of girl, but that's that.  You can adjust your print size as you wish and use however you like!

Check them out on my Teachers Pay Teachers page.

With happiness,
Jen ♥

Monday, August 4, 2014


Today & tomorrow, friends!!  You can get up to 28% off at many TPT stores! Everything in my shop is on sale & I'm filling up that cart, y'all!  

I'm excited about getting back to school.  Are you?

With happiness,
Jen ♥

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Word Wall Headers: An Update

I admit it.  I'm addicted to clipart and fonts.  I have no self control.  I can't help it! It's all just so cute!! Because of this addiction, I have updated my word wall headers with beautiful new clipart by Kate Hadfield and crazy adorable fonts by Kimberly Geswein.  I'm sticking with my black and white checkie border theme thing because I just haven't had enough of that cuteness yet.

There are 2 sets of headers included with an original size of just over 5x4, but you can adjust print size in Adobe.  I don't know about you, but my wall space is precious.  When I print these "fit on page" they fit perfectly underneath the built in whiteboard in my classroom.  I use 3x5 cards cut in 1/2 to write and stick words under each letter.  My original plan was to have this as a "portable" wall with words on rings beneath the letters that kiddos could carry back & forth as needed.  

It's still on my list of things to do.  :)

You can add this to your wishlist and then on the day of the big TPT SALE you can grab your set for an additional 20% off!!

With happiness,
Jen ♥

Ask Me Brag Tags

Hello, friends!!  After an incredible 3 week (yes, I said three week) road trip I was completely dead on my feet.  It felt so good to be home with the boys in my lap I just couldn't move for a good solid 5 days.  Instead of moving, I put the computer in my lap next to the kitty boy and started clicking away.  

I have been in search of a way to get rid of the Behavior Clip Chart.  How do I keep the kids accountable without getting down on themselves? How do I keep it private without everyone knowing that someone has a consequence? How can I use tons of positive and intrinsic motivation without losing those "behavioral leaders" who like to be center stage?
Well, hello Brag Tag concept!!  I don't know about you but I'm in love with the cute little tags that you can purchase and give away to the kiddos all year.  The problem?  Who can afford that? I cannot.  I don't think our school probably can either.  The solution? Printables that you can reuse EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I have high hopes for these puppies.  There are 24 of them.  One for every kiddo if I need one, though I want to keep it a very special honor so I'll likely be a little bit more choosy than that.

I can't wait to see how they work.  I put a little ribbon on a few of them and I'm on the lookout for some superhero stuff to put on some others.  Gotta all those different little personalities to buy-in, right?!

Don't do as I did.  I was trying to leave a sweet little border around the edge of each badge but guess what? They didn't fit into the badge holders that way.  Make sure you cut either right on the lines or just outside of them.  Otherwise you'll be cleaning up this little mess and if you have a cat like the Brutie Tootie, he will inhale the littlest pieces and start coughing and you'll panic and jump up and drop all the little badges you were working on in order to save said Kitty Boy's life.  Whew.  Yes, it happened.  He's still alive & well wreaking adorable havoc on the house.  No worries.  

I got my badges at Mardel as I do every year.  They are getting up there in price though.  It may be time to hunt the dollar stores!

Little preview of the files is below.  We use The Leader in Me (by Dr. Stephen R. Covey) philosophy at our school so 7 of these badges line up with "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids."  I'm hoping it will help drive the kids to see those habits not only within themselves but in others as well.  High hopes, I'm tellin' ya! :)

I have high hopes for these puppies.  There are 24 of them.  One for every kiddo if I need one, though I want to keep it a very special honor so I'll likely be a little bit more choosy than that.

I can't wait to see how they work.  I put a little ribbon on a few of them and I'm on the lookout for some superhero stuff to put on some others.  Gotta all those different little personalities to buy-in, right?!

So they are uploaded to TPT & guess what?!  There's a sale starting very soon so wishlist it, baby!

With happiness,
Jen ♥