Meet the Teacher Night

Have you ever seen an idea that you just HAD to do right then and there?!  Well, I did!  This morning.  First thing this morning even and I couldn't wait to jump on idea.

The FANTABULOUS bloggers (Ms. Mogart, to be exact) over at Blog Hoppin' wrote up this wonderful post on using QR Codes at Meet the Teacher night.  Well, I'm a big fan of QR codes and have used one the past several years to keep outside my classroom door. However, it only took parents to my website.  I listed out other contact information but never once thought to add QR codes for other stuff!  Duh!

So what do you think I did?  I made up several signs and I can't wait to print them, laminate them, and put them in the hallway for Meet the Teacher night!  Techno teaching, y'all!

I included: website, district website, my email, my school telephone number, my classroom FB account.

I've even scheduled our first Parent/Teacher conferences on Sign Up Genius!

The best part is... now that I have the codes generated and the images saved, I can use them again!  I can add the codes to our newsletters, as a collage image for an email signature, or even create a postcard with all of the codes so parents can stick it on the fridge!! ♥

Brilliant ideas over at Blog Hoppin', y'all!  Check them out!!

Links to the QR Code website can be found on the Blog Hoppin' post here!

I'm getting excited to meet the new Munchkins!!

With happiness,
Jen ♥


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