Monday, July 14, 2014

Blog Hoppin' Scavenger Hunt!!

Ok, so it's summer right?! I'm roadtrippin' it big! And guess what?! The fabulous bloggers over at Blog Hoppin' have gotten me completely engrossed in a scavenger hunt to beat all scavenger hunts!! 

Check out a few of the amazing pics here: and join in the fun on Instagram!!! 

You'll find the details here: 

I have categorized my scavenger hunt list (nerd alert), saved it in the mysterious cloud (where does it all go?), and I am checkin' 'em off as we explore this beautiful country. The fun that this has added to my summer is truly immeasurable. Thank you, Blog Hoppin'!  You guys are a seriously creative bunch and I'm so glad to have happened upon you. 

Here's a few of my entries from Instagram!  You can follow me @kindiekins! Linky is in the top right corner of the bloggie. :)

2 adults in a Snuggie sneak attack! Bestie is sleeping behind me. Please ignore my #nomakeup :)

A volcano! An inactive one at Mount Capulin, New Mexico. :)

Best bestie ever hugging a mannequin at the camera store! 

Graffiti in Colorado with a mountain view!

Someone taking a picture of me taking a picture of them in Georgetown, Colorado. Such a cute town with some fantastic shops!!! We ate a nice cream cone that was absolutely TO DIE FOR!  The pic of that is below. :) I owe these fantastic friends & family BIG TIME!


This is not a pic from the scavenger hunt, but just a bonus from the same location as the graffiti shot. I think I'm in love with the Colorado landscape. The clouds & rain have made for some incredible scenery, but there have been some frightening deaths & injuries from lightning in the mountains. Mother Nature is both extraordinary and dangerous. 

I hope you join in the hunt if you're not already in it!  I'm up to 60 points as of now and making some fantastic memories along the way.  

Where are you and what's been your best memory from the hunt? 

With happiness, 
Jen :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Currently July :)

I cannot believe it is already July.  Two days in, to be exact!  Where is it going?  I need time to slow down just a little bit.  There is way too much relaxing yet to do!!

This is my first time joining in on the "Currently" action.  I checked out the bloggies starting at Oh Boy Fourth Grade to get the tutorials and wow... you guys are pros!  I've been doing the bloggie for a bit but I still feel like a newbie supreme-o-dork-a-roonie but that's ok.  I can embrace that part of life.  I like not knowing everything.  :)

The summers in Texas are full of long days and warm hot as fire stink sunshine!  It's not so much the heat as it is the combination of heat and humidity that does you in. I like to sit outside in the cool mornings but the afternoons are all about hangin' inside.  Right now I'm listening to the little Brutie Tootie snore his tooshie off as he basks in the warm sun from the comfort of the AC.  He's one happy cat.

Instagram has me hooked!  I joined ages ago but never really got crazed about it.  Just recently I cannot seem to look away.  Is that bad or just typical?

I've been working on a lot of school stuff during this first half of the summer.  My bestie and I are traveling soon and I do not want to be working on holiday!  I  know I will anyway, but still... I don't want to have to, ya know?  Teachers can't just walk away from the passion they feel for their careers.  It sticks with you.

I want a road trip.  I need a road trip.  I'm getting a road trip! :) I haven't started packing yet but the laundry pre-trip action has certainly begun with serious gusto!  There are stacks of clothes in random places.  Heaven help me sort it all.

Plans for Independence Day?  I'm not sure.... we shall see!!

Hope y'all have a wonderful holiday full of laughter & sparkly things.

Thanks for teaching me something new, Farley!!  :)

With happiness,
Jen :)