Sunday, February 23, 2014

Google Story Builder

This past week my colleagues and I got together and shared some ideas on how to use digital publishing in PK-4 classrooms.  We had a great time (they were really nice to me even though I was WAY nervous) and they participated like serious pros!  Below are a few of the stories we created using Google Story Builder.  

It's a shame that our district blocks the share link but if you get creative, you can share the animated stories with your kids & their families through blogs, email, social networking sites you have set up with professional accounts, etc... Lots of possibilities!

To share these with you, I used a screen capture program (Snagit) to record the video, then I saved it to my computer, and uploaded the video to Blogger.  You could use any screen capture software you like (there are lots to choose from but Snagit is my all time favorite because it's so easy to use) and share it on whatever sharing site you like!

Thank you, my friends for being so willing to share yourselves with me!  You made it easy to be myself.  :)  If you posted the link to your story in the Today's Meet chat, your video is posted here.

Check out what we did below!  

Monday, February 17, 2014

ePublishing + My Peers = AWESOME! :)

Today I shared a tiny little bit of what I learned at TCEA with my colleagues!  I was so nervous but they were good to me and really were super troopers diving head first into some digital publishing tools.  

Thanks, Hargrave!  Y'all are seriously the best.

Here's a link to the Smore Flyer if you'd like to learn more... 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

President's Day & a Presentation :)

After an amazing conference in Austin, I'm presenting some digital publishing tools to our staff on Monday.  I'm nervous!  I was fine in front of people I didn't know but yikes... I hope I can pull it off.  

In other news, I'm excited about a short week of President's Day activities with the Munchkins.  We'll start our week (and continue throughout the week in short spurts) by taking an interactive tour of the White House.  I think they will love it! 

So far this year, the kiddos have enjoyed taking virtual field trips to new places.  I'm sure this will be exciting for them, too.  

I'm also hoping to get some serious small group intervention work rolling.  We've struggled with this lately. I must get these kiddos back on track.  I know we can do it!

In the meantime, we've been making great use of the new techno tools I learned about at the TCEA conference.  Here's our latest and greatest!!  Click the picture to visit the book online.

Have a great week!! :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Holy wow!  My mind has been blown by all of the incredible things I learned at the TCEA conference in Austin last week.  I am so lucky to have been able to attend the entire week!  I have never been so inspired by so many things.  People are so creative & talented!  

I was a co-presenter with my dear bestie for TWO sessions!!  Can you believe it?  I was scared to death at first, but as soon as it began I was a cool cucumber.  I think I was in shock.  Seriously.   The sessions went really well and the people were all so nice!  

Our first session was on Monday and was about Virtual Field Trips:

Our second session was on Friday and was about digital publishing with kiddos:

Thankfully, I waited until Thursday to spill coffee all down the front of my sweatshirt.  

I turned it inside out for the walk to get some incredible crepes (brie, honey, and walnuts... OMG) and this beautiful cup of Mocha that I did NOT spill all over my clumsy self:

In between our two sessions, we learned an incredible amount of really useful skills that I cannot wait to share with my team and my colleagues on campus.  I am amazed at just how much I don't know about technology integration at the elementary level.  I am also amazed at how little PK-2 kiddos are mentioned in these conferences.  We've got to do something to change that.  If kiddos at that level do not have any experience with these advances in technology integration, how can we expect them to comfortably perform in the upper grades?  It starts with us, friends!! 

Gnomey + Moby = Happiness ♥

So, I've been inspired and I'm already making plans to integrate many of the tools I learned about at this incredible conference.  I hope I get to do it again.  It was truly an eye-opener for me and I cannot wait to share my new knowledge.  I'm hoping I'll be brave enough to apply to present my own session in the future.  I want to get some PK-2 teachers involved with integrating these tools I learned about here.  Especially early childhood teachers..... since that's where my ♥ lies.

One final note, thank you Istation for the incredible coffee bar at the blogger cafe.  Those chocolate wafers and that tub of whipped cream just melted my heart and kept me going!!  :)

Until next time, TCEA! :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

TCEA! :)

At TCEA in Austin waiting to present at our first workshop....scared & excited at the same time! So thankful that bestie will take the lead. I'm good at smiling and nodding politely but random things come out of my mouth in front of adults. Kindies and Firsties don't mind when I do that. Grown ups are scary!! 

Pink argyle is TCEA's theme this year. It was so meant to be!  Looking forward to an incredible week!!

Have you ever been to TCEA? There is so much to do and see.... wheeee!!! :)