Google Story Builder

This past week my colleagues and I got together and shared some ideas on how to use digital publishing in PK-4 classrooms.  We had a great time (they were really nice to me even though I was WAY nervous) and they participated like serious pros!  Below are a few of the stories we created using Google Story Builder.  

It's a shame that our district blocks the share link but if you get creative, you can share the animated stories with your kids & their families through blogs, email, social networking sites you have set up with professional accounts, etc... Lots of possibilities!

To share these with you, I used a screen capture program (Snagit) to record the video, then I saved it to my computer, and uploaded the video to Blogger.  You could use any screen capture software you like (there are lots to choose from but Snagit is my all time favorite because it's so easy to use) and share it on whatever sharing site you like!

Thank you, my friends for being so willing to share yourselves with me!  You made it easy to be myself.  :)  If you posted the link to your story in the Today's Meet chat, your video is posted here.

Check out what we did below!  


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