President's Day & a Presentation :)

After an amazing conference in Austin, I'm presenting some digital publishing tools to our staff on Monday.  I'm nervous!  I was fine in front of people I didn't know but yikes... I hope I can pull it off.  

In other news, I'm excited about a short week of President's Day activities with the Munchkins.  We'll start our week (and continue throughout the week in short spurts) by taking an interactive tour of the White House.  I think they will love it! 

So far this year, the kiddos have enjoyed taking virtual field trips to new places.  I'm sure this will be exciting for them, too.  

I'm also hoping to get some serious small group intervention work rolling.  We've struggled with this lately. I must get these kiddos back on track.  I know we can do it!

In the meantime, we've been making great use of the new techno tools I learned about at the TCEA conference.  Here's our latest and greatest!!  Click the picture to visit the book online.

Have a great week!! :)


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