Saturday, July 25, 2015

Brag Tags Updated

As the new school year approaches, I can't help but think about the things that worked last year and those that didn't.  One thing that absolutely worked was these Brag Tags!!  
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These are very simple to use and reuse over and over again.  Print them, laminate them, punch holes in the top, and slide a badge clip onto it.  Done!  I slipped them into badge holders last year and skipped the laminating step.  This time I skipped the holder and went for full on lamination.  

As we are walking through the hallway or transitioning to new activities I would pass out a tag.  Sometimes it was specific to the activity or the Habit that we were focused on, other times no so specific.  My colleagues were so gracious in asking the kiddos to tell them why they earned their badges and it was a great natural lesson in speaking clearly to convey a message! Their confidence was boosted and they walked ten feet taller when they wore a tag.  

I stored the tags in a pocket chart last year so that we could see what tags were available.  As the year went on, I let kiddos choose their own tags.  The "second in line" tag was the favorite.

I've just updated these to include rule specific tags with the beginning of year in mind.  "I can take good care of my favorite pencil" is one I'm hoping will save me buckets of money on pencils this year.  I bought Expos and sentence strips on Prime Day and I've resolved not to spend any more money on school supplies.  I hope I can keep my promise to my debit card!! The children are going to have to learn the art of conservation one way or another. :)

The best thing about these tags is that they are reusable over and over again.  Kiddos get 'em when you give 'em and they put 'em back at the end of the day.  The next day is a fresh start and a new opportunity to earn a tag (or ten).  Click the pictures to get your set at TPT.

Thanks so much for your constant support and kindness.  Here's a little look at the view I've been missing since coming home from the AMAZING (and crazy hot & humid) Hawai'i! I loved the sights, smells, and flavors of the Big Island.  I will never forget it!  I've been trying to paint the beauty of the island with acrylics, and it's a struggle, my friends.  Nothing measures up. ♥

In uploading this picture, I realized that I said "Use with badge holders or laminate & put on chains..."  Chains? What?! Haha!  Oops.  That's why we make friends and get editors, y'all.  :) Don't use chains.  Use lanyards.