QR Code Welcome... :)

Pinterest, you will either make me crazy or make me a better teacher.  I swear, the zillions of ideas I find on there often get lost after I've pinned them.  However, some stick with me that I cannot wait to try!  This QR Code welcome to parents is one of them.

Originally posted here, where the code took parents to important school information, I made my own version thanks to qrhacker.com. 

This beautiful code, once scanned by the parent's smart phones, will take them directly to my website where they will be kept up to date with classroom information. I plan to stick it outside the door at our "Meet the Teacher Night" before school starts.  I may keep it up throughout the year, assuming I can keep up with the blogging.  We shall see!  :)

  As the year goes on, my site may change or I may choose to link them directly to our school website.  In either case, I'll make a little postcard to send home with a new cute little QR code on it.  

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