Pinterest Strikes Again...

I was so inspired by billions of pins throughout this past school year I thought FOR SURE I'd do them all this summer.  Well, I tried but failed so...I trudge on!

This one is from a picture found here:

I have no idea where it originated.

I can't wait to see how the munchkins use it and I love that it's on poster board so it can be portable. Don't judge me for my crooked lines and terrible handwriting. Or the fact that my pig looks a little bit like Dobby from Harry Potter.  I think the kiddos will like it.  I'm thinging about ading some command hooks and rings for them to just flip the numbers up to 100 and for the digital date, but I think the rest of it will help them with the concepts and with their handwriting.  I am thinking about using it as a math station!

I may be thinking too much... LOL 

We shall see... :)


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