Reward Cards *Updated* & FREE! :)

I don't know how many of you have learned the wonders of these little beauties, but I'm so happy to have encountered them!  I just copy & cut a bunch of these, stick them in little keepers (I think they'll fit like a dream in those trading card holders), and use them to your little heart's content.  They absolutely eliminate the need for a treasure box! 

I have seen that some teachers just print one copy & put them in a plastic sleeve for students to choose their ticket rather than making copies.  Do whatever works for you, but I like that they are responsible for something.  They can't cash in their reward unless they have that little ticket in hand.  It's a life lesson for all of us. 
Here's how it works:  Kids get to the tippy top of the Behavior Chart, give 'em a ticket!  Somebody behave like a true leader all day long, let 'em pick a ticket!  Compliments in the hallway? Ticket! 
I promise.  It works.  I use a lot of them at the beginning of the year, and then I start to get super picky.  The tickets become seriously coveted.  Trust me, it works!
I save a few special ones for special classroom rewards.  For example, my lunch buddy ticket is reserved for special "Bravo Board" celebrations.  You can see that post here, but I have mainly used that Bravo Board for tallying up the cleanest or most responsible tables.  I love it!! 

This first page of tickets posted is what I used last year.  Their favorite was sitting with a buddy all day.  Big win for me!  This year, I've added a few new things:  eating lunch in the café with a special placemat (I have yet to purchase this LOL), spending time with our new mascot Fernando, addressing students as King _____ or Queen _____ (you'll be surprised how many kiddos LIVE to be called King or Queen), and more....
So, click on the picture to download your free copy of the Reward Tickets with adorable DJ Inkers clipart.
Enjoy!  :)




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