Everyone needs a job! *Free Printable*

I recognize that I am not like most.  I have issues with things being organized, cute, kid-friendly, organized, neat & tidy, organized, and did I mention organized?? ;)  I also really LOVE when kids feel a sense of responsibility in the classroom.  It's a space we share together.  We make decisions together, we support each other, and we all have responsibilities.  That's why everybody has a job!
I print out 2 sets of these little puppies on cardstock, laminate them, and then put one set in a pocket chart (it's really long and thin & has like 50 small pockets) stick the other set inside plastic badges that the munchkins wear until they start to eat them.
They will eat them.
Anyway, there's a variety of jobs here.  Many of them have to do with activities we only do once a day, but they are instrumental to our academic careers.  Other jobs are only specific to my current situation.  The "Caterer" is in charge of helping when our free breakfast in the classroom is served.
Of all the jobs here, Personal Assistant is by far the favorite.  This poor little munchkin is my personal helper for an entire week.  If I'm in the middle of something and lose my pen, guess who gets me one?  If I need to pass a note down the hall, guess who takes it?  This job is VERY important and they can get "fired" from this job and any other.  I really like to be all Donald Trump on them, too.... "It's not personal.  It's just good business."

We switch jobs on Mondays so that kiddos become strong experts at each job before moving on to the next.  Then I count on them to train & teach the next person about their responsibilities. 
I love this system! 
(The GPS job is the little system I put together that tells people where they can find us if we are  not in the classroom.  Print it, laminate, and stick Velcro dots in each little section that you can stick something to show your location each time you leave the room.  You'll find a picture link to that at the bottom of the page if you'd like a copy.)

Oh.... and the clipart is by the ever adorable DJ Inkers

GPS Sign for Outside the Classroom Door
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