Interactive 3D Shapes :)

This week we are working on 3 Dimensional Shapes & I'm excited because we are merging it with our Farm unit.  It should be fun trying to figure out how to build a cow out of geometric solids.  I think we'll spend some time practicing how to draw them so that it can be all fun & no frustration.

Below are some links to interactive technology applications that I think will help bring the concept to life. :)

(Check out the Munckins tab for interactive games that the kiddos will use independently this week!)

You can't go wrong at Illuminations.  There is always something there that will get the kiddos excited and involved in learning.  This particular tool allows you to explore several 3dimensional shapes while changing the transparencies and colors.  Using real models of shapes, along with this as a visual guide will help sink in what the visuals are explaining.  

 Below is a great interactive lesson on 2D and 3D Shapes.  You can start with a review of the 2D Shapes, and then define, explore, and even print the nets (3D model) of each shape! 

The site below will be challenging!  Munchkins have to match the net to the shape.   I made a couple of mistakes on this one, so I  know it will make the kiddos think outside the box.  Again, providing hands-on models will certainly help.

The site below has all kinds of printable nets that you can cut & fold into geo solids.  Fun!

And then of course, there's Harry Kindergarten!  The kids will enjoy this flashback to their Kinder year. :)

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  1. HEY COOL! OH! Did you know there is a 3D shapes app? Most awesome.

  2. You can't just leave that comment and not tell me which app. C'mon....tell me! :)


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