Free! :)

Ok, so I was a little bit overly excited to create some Valentine clip art this past weekend and I immediately put it up on TpT without a second thought!  But, ya know what?  It's just a tiny little set of hand-drawn pics that I had fun making and used on a few pieces for the Munchkins.  So, I deleted it from TpT.

I've uploaded it to Google Drive and you can have it for free, if you like.  I'll keep it up there for a little bit & you are welcome to snag it by clicking the little birdie below.  Terms of Use are included in the file so please look it over.  Thanks for not being too hard on me for my first tiny little pack of clip art!  It's just something fun I wanted to try.  If you like it, please let me know... I may (or may not) try my hand at something more.

 With happiness, 
♥ Jen

Please remember: The graphics used in these items are copyrighted and may not be used for your own commercial projects or distributed to others. By purchasing or downloading this file, you agree to the Terms of Use. This file is for personal use only, please do not distribute.


  1. OOOOOOOO! AWESOME!!! I LOVE your clipart. MORE PLEASE??? Doesn't have to be free, I'd pay for a bundle. :)

    1. LOL You're so funny! I have a list of things to make but I haven't even started yet! Thank you :)


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