Independent Munchkins? Make them a tab! :)

 Hello, it's me again.  Are you tired of me yet?  I kind of am.  Well, a little.  :)  

I wanted to share an idea I had last week (or maybe the week before) that has really made my life so much easier when it comes to providing interactive games to the Munchkins.  I really like when the kiddos are on the computer managing themselves with fun, interactive games that are cleverly hiding their educational values. They get so engaged and so excited that they literally light up.  

I decided that since I've got this little bloggie thing going, with a tab for Parents, why don't I just go ahead and give the kids a tab of their own?  And of course I named it "Munchkins."

To this tab I add direct links to the games that I have pre-taught (and modeled appropriate use of) that are of significant value to our weekly activities.  That way, I can create my "home" on whatever Internet browser I use to that particular space on the Web.  It has worked like a charm!

So... have at it & create a tab for your kiddos!  You'll still be controlling/monitoring what they do online but you'll be giving them much needed real world experience at navigating the internet, using the computer independently, all while giving them choices!  And, if you've got a SMARTboard or other interactive white board, just be prepared for the angels of happiness to sing!

 Click here to check out the Munchkin Tab in action! :)

With happiness,
Jen ♥

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