Subtraction Action! :)

I have been so intimidated in teaching first grade!There is a TON of information, a fast & furious pace, and so much I didn't know.  I have loved every minute of this challenge!  I feel like it has made me a better teacher.  I'm still learning and the kiddos are teaching me a lot, but I'm so thankful and happy in this journey.  Stepping out of my comfort zone (even if it is just one grade up) has been so worth it.

This week we are working on some subtraction action!  We've done a lot with subtraction already and now we are going to hone our skills & become more fluent mathematicians.  

Here are some of the websites that we'll work with in a whole group & then use as math station choices on the SMARTboard.  Some of these web games will serve the kiddos better when used with manipulatives, so check them out & consider adding snap cubes, number lines, and other manipulatives to help them find the answers instead of just picking a random response.

There are literally TONS of subtraction games here to choose from.  Model them first & work out the kinks then set the munchkins free. :)


We will be using these 10 Frames to work in small groups with manipulatives to build numeracy fluency in subtracting from 10.  Then we'll double them up and subtract from 20!  You can grab your free download here, or just click on the picture.

 And....  let's add some Harry Kindergarten fun this week!!  :) 

Last but not least, here's a site for reviewing time: 

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