Interactive Sites for Doubles & Firstie Geography! :)

It's no secret by now that I am in love with technology.  There are so many things available online and on the iPad that really enhance classroom instruction.  Something to mindful of though, is that kiddos need more than just apps to help them be successful in the real world!  They must manipulate materials, understand how things work, and be able to work word processing programs in order to really be ready for success in life and in the job market.  I have to keep reminding myself of that as I try to incorporate more real world skills into our daily classroom lives.

Here are some websites that I will use with the Munchkins this week in combination with manipulatives & other hands-on materials to increase success and comprehension.

Below is a pretty basic but fun interactive game to practice doubles facts.  It's called Ladybird Doubles (click on the picture to visit the site).  I would have a set of manipulatives available for the Munchkins while the work on the SMARTboard or computer to make it a little more tactile but it is something they can do independently.  It works like a memory game, which is always popular!  I think they'll like it. 

Below is a wonderful game found at Sheppard Software called "Monkey Drive."  Students have to use the arrows on the keyboard to drive the monkey into doubles problems that match the monkey's car.  Sounds strange, I know but trust me, they will love it!  Give the kids some manipulatives to work out the problems as they drive the track looking for the answer and they'll be less frustrated and understand more.

Have you (or your kiddos) discovered yet?  If not, please take some time to play around with it.  There are bazillions of wonderful games there for all ages and everything is educational!  You cannot go wrong on that site!  Below is a game that I intend to put into centers for the kiddos. It's a geography game where the students have to match up states in a map of the United States.  It's really a wonderful game & I think they'll like it.  If I had a map or a puzzle I could put in their hands while they played the game, I would totally do it.  Sadly, I just don't have those at my disposal.  I do, however have a gigantic old school map I can pull down!  Hello, Old School!  :D

I got so excited when I saw this next one, I nearly cried.  I know, don't say it.  LOL :)  It's an online interactive game to teach Munchkins about the 7 continents of the world!  Yippee!!  It's an actual lesson that begins with a quick description of Pangaea!  I'm so excited right now.  They then get to play with a puzzle where they match the continents.  Combine this with Dr. Jean's song about the continents and my week just got way more fun.

 Last, but not least is a World Geography game at Sheppard Software.  Kids can match the continents, learn about the oceans, and even use the keyboard.  I can't wait to see how the munchkins like this one!
Have a great week!  ♥

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