OMG... my room is messy. :)

Ok, so today while the munchkins worked with pattern blocks I walked around taking pictures of them and of our classroom.  I swear it looks neater in person...or at least I think it does! Haha... don't judge me by my clutter.  I just wanted to share.  :)

Differentiated writing pages for the kiddos to use for work on writing and other writing activities.  I used to have thier names on sticky notes designating each pocket for specific kids, but this year I haven't done that yet.  They seem to like the challenge of the harder pages. 

Data Folders, Writing Folders, Messy Small Group Math Stuff, "Gator Gold" Tickets, & great writing about a castle. :)

New word work stations & a "must do" list... the rest of the list says, "touch and spell your sight words on the calendar wall; do the work in your word work pocket." 

My plain old ugly white daily organizers... one day I'm going to cover those puppies with cute paper.  And... a few of our jobs.  Every munchkin has one!

Student book baskets that they LOVE & my messy yet organized shelf of small group guided reading baskets.

Our behavior management chart, my bestie gave me the "believe," and some fun artwork from the kiddos today.

Our rules/voice levels/munchkin mission statement wall, first day of our "reader response" cards, word wall in the long hall, and our beginning of the year calendar wall.  I think it will probably change a lot as we go through the year.  Our PDSA (plan, do, study, act) board is also located here.  It's way smaller than I'm used to but I like that it takes up less space.

Our Math Wall in action, a bad picture of our math basket rotations, and a list of our daily activities.  I need to figure out a way to incorporate "framing the lesson" into this schedule thingie.  We refer to it all day but I can't seem to wrap my mind around how to get it done.  There must be a way! :)

Something new I incorporated today was our SMARTboard rotation plan.  I built folders on the desktop for the kiddos, made a list of their groups, and posted it up on the wall!  I'll let you know how it goes after it gets in full swing.  They were awfully excited about it today!!  

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