Bad Blogger & Room Photos :)

 I looped up with my favorite munchkins this year so I wanted to change the room up a LOT so they didn't feel like they were coming back to kindergarten (I'm in the same room as last year).  It turned out way better than it looks here.  It's not cutesy froo froo... it's not crazy decorated... it doesn't look like Pinterest exploded in my room... but it is comfortable, there is room to grow, and it's very kid-friendly.  

These first pictures are not great, so accept my apologies... I've been a bad bad blogger.  I'll get some better pics up when I'm not so overwhelmed with learning grades & all the official stuff that first graders have to do.  So much more than smiley faces!

So... here are some very dark views of my classroom before munchkins... :)  I have failed miserably at proper beginning of school blogging.  Imagine that.  I'll work on getting some shots up of what it actually looks like.  Then we can track all the changes throughout the year because I will, without fail, stop instruction to move a table because it just isn't working many times during the year. 

First day... view from the entry. LOVE when the tables are upended.  I'm always proud when I don't set them down on my own toes. 

Cubbies on the right.... ALL plugs against the outside wall.   Why?!

View of cubbies from far side of room.  Windows on left, McDonalds ready for breakfast.  :)

Very dark (because I love lamps & forget that they are not photo-friendly) first version of the room.  It has already changed. 

View from entry (curtain partner's room is to the left).

View from entry.  There is now a SMARTboard in the corner under the TV that's not attached to anything.

Small Group area... has already been rearranged & it looks way cuter now.  :D

I know it looks all plain jane and boring... it'll be cuter in the next post.  :)

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