Color Chart Weekly Take Home Freebie (no art)

PDF File, No AI had a very kind request to post this chart so that teachers could use their own clip art.  So here are two files.  One is a pdf you can simply print & stick your own art on to photocopy.  The other is an editable Word file you are free to use!  Change the wording, change the colors, add your classroom mascot. 

The fonts are "LD Elementary" and "First Grader" if they don't come through for you.  They are both free to download if you do a search for them.  I don't remember exactly where I got them.

I'd appreciate a quick note if you download, just so I know if these are getting used.  
Thank you!  ♥

*8/5/2012 The editable document messes up in formatting when uploaded to the Google Drive.  When I download it as a Word File, the formatting is still all wonky.   Anybody out there that can teach me how to fix that?  Thanks & sorry!


  1. Hey there!
    I would REALLY love to use your format! I created one for this year, but I like yours better. If you figure out how I can edit it, please let me know :)


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