Behavior Target ...freebie :)

A colleague shared this idea with me several years ago & I have found it to be hugely helpful with munchkins that need help defining their short term behavior goals.  Pick a target skill & every time the munchkin is "caught" using that skill or showing mastery of that skill allow him/her to color in a piece of the target.  Once they reach the center of the target, they can reap the rewards of that excellent behavior!  

Collaborate with the munchkin, choose a positive consequence, and use the target in a positive way... build their self-esteem while working on one specific skill.  Use as often as necessary and switch out the rewards.  Perhaps there's a specific center the munchkin likes the best?  Maybe they can be first to play on the playground?  Something positive and wonderful that child chooses for themselves... no need to embarrass them or tear them down for off-task behavior.  :)


Grab your free copy here!


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