A Photo Walk :)

Where has this school year gone?! I cannot believe it is flying by so quickly.  We've been crazy busy and I thought I'd share some of our daily lives with you through a little photo walk.  
This is a new favorite activity on the playground. And I don't get tired of taking their pictures while they do it, either.  So funny!

We've been working with Reagan Tunstall's iPad Essentials Series to tell math stories and this little robot dude had to get into the action.  I'd love to show you the video to go along with it, but the kiddos have discovered selfies and they are all in the video!  Hysterical, I tell ya!

Here's a little sample of a sweetie doing his own math story video in the Shadow Puppet Edu app.  They have loved creating their own videos and have gotten really creative. The app is really versatile and can be used for so many different things! We are working on book reports using that app right now along with another one against a green screen background.  The kids are pros!

This is an image the kiddos took a picture of to use against the green screen when doing reports on landforms.  You can see we are kind of limited in our space (even though I kind of took up the end of the hallway and we get in the way quite often).  The kids plugged this into the Green Screen app and created a video telling all about Mount Kilimanjaro.

We've been learning all about non-fiction in the classroom.  The kids have been amazing about using resources to find information.  We are still working on it and next week they will create their own expository book!  I can't wait.  I know they will rock it.

Digging a little deeper into expository texts. 

I may have had a tiny bit of influence on the new love for sloths.  Are they not the cutest critters ever!? I just love them and so do the munchkins. 

Please note the spellings for animals that do not live in the rainforest (aka: hippos & zebras).  We had to have a little spelling-use-your-resources-intervention but first I had to take a picture.  "Slofs" was too good to pass up.  

This little guy is very organized in putting together his information but do you notice the animal in the top left corner?  Giraffes do not live in the rainforest, friend!  Another mini intervention but a LOT of crazy woohoos for that organized white board.  

This is our current display of our rainforest animal research project.  We based our display on a "Wonder Bubble" activity by Chandra over at CJayneTeach.  The kiddos used different resources to gather information about animals of the understory layer of the rainforest.  They had a great time and were so excited to see the finished products. I was more picky about content than neat & tidy cutting so forgive the messy edges if you're a little OCDish like me.  

Look at that little margay!!

A little fraction circle fun...

No slapping your friends.... and that handwriting!  Love.  ♥

This QR sight word station is still going strong!  Click the picture for the product link.

This precious Saint Patrick's Day writing made me super happy!  Who can beat number 10 when you love your "hole" family!  I heart these kids.  ♥

Progress monitoring is moving right on along, too.  Reading charades is a super favorite.  I need to think of more things to act out! Click the pictures for the product link. 

Cause and effect activities have been so funny.  The reasoning of first graders gives me chuckles for days. 

Next six weeks we dig down deep into poetry so we did a little pre-teaching and "accelerated learning" this past week.  Fun times, my friends!  Fun times!! 

Starting next week I'm going to get these kiddos started on Kid Blog!  That's going to be a challenge, but I have a feeling these little social critters are going to pick it up really quickly.  You should check it out.  There's both app and web based versions.

And finally, because my sweet old man is having a hard time in his old age... here's some sunshiney love from Domino. He's my sweet sugar kitty. 

Hope everyone is healthy, happy, and well!! ♥


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