HFW & QR Codes: Gettin' Nerdy With it!

I introduced the sweet Munchkins to a QR code station a couple of weeks ago.  They went nuts!  Every time they scanned a code, it linked them to a photo of a landform or a body of water.  They had to decide which landform/body of water the picture represented and sort the QR codes accordingly.  It was my first adventure into QR codes. #betterlatethannever

It was a blast and they LOVED it!! They kept bringing them to me showing me what appeared on their devices and I pretended like I'd never seen that image before in my whole entire life!  It was hysterical.

So now, they need a little something new.  After a few assessments, I realized that many of them are still struggling with identifying high frequency words.  Then I saw this post on using Wordle with HFW from the ever-amazing Cara at The First Grade Parade. #thelightbulbwentoff  I had so many ideas all of a sudden and then I thought, wait.... is that even possible?  

What I decided I wanted to do was link a QR code to a voice recording.  My brain started to ache as I tried to figure out how.  Do I made a video? Do I have to record my own not made for tv voice? Oh no... that will do.  So I did a little searchie search and found this site:  http://qrvoice.net/ and oh hallelujah praise the little children!  Everything clicked into place.  

I made 113 of this little cuties that link to First Grade Dolch words and HFW/Sight Words from Saxon Phonics for First Grade since that's our phonics curriculum in my district.  If you hold your pretty little device up to the screen and scan that code you'll hear a sight word read out loud!  Yes, out loud!  There are so many possibilities here... I made a list on a sticky note somewhere of all of my ideas.  I'll find it soon, I'm sure.

Anyhow... the kids will follow these very simple directions below.  Scan.  Listen.  Find.  Record.  How easy?!  I can't wait.

Here's what's included in the pack on TPT:

I'll add some action photos as soon as the kiddos get their hands in it!  I can't wait!  Check it out by clicking the image above or by following this link to my store:  https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/HFW-QR-Code-Matching-Station-First-Grade-1696892



This is what it looks like after they scan the code. Just a heads up, if your wifi is on the slow side, the word "streaming" will appear as the sound loads. The kiddos may think that's the word. Mine did! There may be times where they need to replay the word. There's a play button on there or they can back out and re-scan. 


Have you seen these markers from The Markerboard People?  If you haven't found them yet... I encourage you to do so!  Not only do they have exceptional white boards for the classroom, but these markers come 30 markers and 30 erasers to a set for just $30!

I'm on year 2 with these markers, y'all!!

They have a nice conical shaped tip so student handwriting is gorgeous and the fact that they are munchkin sized make them the most popular markers & erasers in the room!  I will admit that I kind hoard them.

Check them out here.

They rocked this station! I started by introducing Set 1 in a small group (words 1-25).  We'll stick with that set for a few days and then I'll either add more words or switch it out completely.  Some kids would do great with all 113 words at once, but I'm going to take it slow.

 I may also need to add some recording pages with wider writing spaces, but until then they are happy with these. Frankly, their neat as all get out handwriting is making me crazy happy! 

Thanks so much! ♥


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