I Wish Writing Project

Let's talk writing!  It has long been my weakest area of teaching expertise.  I don't know why, really.  I love teaching kids to read and I think I do an ok job at that!But, for whatever reason, teaching writing (and handwriting, too) has always been a place where I had to really think about what I was doing during instruction.

With that in mind, I put together this "I Wish" Writing Project for the kiddos and I to complete our first week back from holiday.  I'm hoping that it will get us off on the "write" foot.  See what I did there? #feelingpunny

It's a pretty straightforward setup with an interactive presentation portion and a printable portion.  We will do the presentation together, one day at a time in a quick mini-lesson format.  Then, I'll send the kiddos off on their own to work independently.

The presentation covers all the stages of the writing process and is appropriate for first and second graders.  There is one front to back printable for each day and a final "publish" page where they can wrap their work all up in a neat little bow.

The page below now says REVISE because I got the English language and the writing process stages all jumbled up... imagine. :)
This is my favorite page because I played with the chart thingie in powerpoint!  It's the simple things, y'all! :)

The following page now says EDIT for the same reason mentioned above... I'm basically a dingledorff.  Yes, that's an official term in the JenDictionary. 

I am loosely planning to do something similar to this to display along with their published piece in the hallway.  This is not what my lesson plans say, but you know what.... #staycalmandpretend

The presentation part of this project is 15 pages and there is one printable (front and back) for each lesson.  That makes the PDF file a total of 27 pages including the title and thank you slides.

*Now there are 24 Printables included in the pack.  There's an additional set of generic writing process pages that you can use with the kiddos when teaching ANY subject or just put them in the writing station and watch 'em go to town.  That makes the PDF file a total of 42 pagesincluding the thank you slides. 

Also included are 5 slides that are pretty generic and can be used at any time of the year to guide students through the writing process.

Click on the image to grab it from my store.  It'll be on sale for a limited time.

Thanks so much!!


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