"Ask Me" Brag Tags: Holiday Edition

I just finished a special "Holiday Edition" of my bestselling "Ask Me" Brag Tags!

Simple & motivational rewards for students! Print these "Ask me" brag tags out on card stock, slip them into badge holders, and keep them handy to simply & easily reward students for positive behavior. No more clip chart & no more treasure box is my ultimate goal! :)

Students can wear them around school for as long as you choose & hopefully, teachers & administrators will ask them about their tags! Simply take them up at the end of the day & repeat the following day.

Your kiddos will feel great taking a moment to brag about their awesome choices and it will motivate others to earn a tag of their own!

Special Holiday Edition tags include a total of 32 Tags: 

8 Back to School Tags that include:
Ask me...
...how I am always prepared.
...how I paid close attention today
...how I earned this badge.
...how I am the apple of my teacher's eye today.
...how I used materials well.
...how I've been wise today.
...how I earned this badge.
...about the best handwriting ever.

4 Halloween-ish Tags that include:
"Ask me how I earned this boo badge!" with four different clip art cuties.

4 Christmas-ish Tags that include:
2 variations of "Ask me how I earned this badge."
Ask me how i earned the 2nd spot in line.
Ask me why the elf left this one for me!
2 Saint Patrick's Day Tags:
Ask me why the leprechaun picked me!
Ask me why my teacher thanks the lucky stars for me.
4 Thanksgiving-ish Tags that include:
3 Variations of "Ask me why I'm wearing this badge."
Ask me why my teacher is thankful for me.

4 Valentine's Day-ish tags that include:
2 Variations of "Ask me why I'm wearing this badge."
Ask me why I'm wearing this teddy bear.
Ask me why Cupid left me this badge!
2 Easter-ish Tags:
Ask me why the bunny left this for me!
ask me why I'm a great egg!

4 End of School Year Tags:
2 Variations of "Ask me why I'm wearing this badge."
Ask me how I rocked the school year.
Ask me how I did it!

Note: When putting them together, make sure you cut just outside or directly on the lines so that they fit securely in the badges. Or just laminate them, punch a hole, and slip them on a lanyard!

A few things I've learned from using them with the kiddos: 
1. The more blinged up the tags are, the more popular they are! Add some ribbon, a few shiny buttons, or even just a fancy string, and kiddos will get extra excited about earning a badge. 
2. The kids love to earn more than one badge and colleagues are more apt to notice them when a kiddo is wearing two or more badges!
3. The "second in line" badge is the favorite!!

These all include gorgeous hand-drawn art by the amazing Kate Hadfield over at www.katehadfielddesigns.com and fabulous fonts by the talented Jen Jones over at Hello Literacy and yet more beautiful fonts by Kimberly Geswein

Click the pic below to visit my store and grab your copy of "Ask Me" Brag Tags: Holiday Edition!

Thanks so much!!
Jen ♥


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