Comparing Numbers Work Mat FREE!

So, I saw this great idea somewhere where someone was using brads to play with comparison symbols!  I don't know where.  I don't know whose idea it was, but BAM!  It popped into my head the other night and it morphed into this. I'm using these work mats this week to teach the kiddos about symbols we use to compare quantity.  

I am not teaching them about alligators, crocodiles, or anything else that might "eat the bigger number."  I'm teaching about comparing quantity, numbers, values, all that math goodness!  

I cannot tell you how confused I was when learning about these symbols as a kid.  I totally blame the alligator that was randomly eating everything.  I didn't get it. Why was he turned one way or the other?  It made absolutely no sense to me.  This is for kids like me.  
It's up on TPT ready to "rock the doodle" (that's for you, Mr. Michler) for FREE!! Heheh...  

See how those two little orange bars can wiggle around?  That's all thanks to the beautiful brass fasteners, aka brads.  

Photo Cred: Mr. Michler, who found the doodle and rocked it!

I don't know how people get holes into the middle of the page for a brad, but I used this handy dandy little green push pin that was in a random box of school supplies.  There was only the one push pin!  Color me lucky.

extreme close up

< extreme close up.  Get it?  I cracked myself up.
If you're lucky like me, you'll have a special kitty cat (#thetooters) helping you put them all together while you lounge in your jammies.

Click the image below, or a couple others above if you're brave, to visit my TPT shop!

With happiness,
Jen ♥


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