Camp Hargrave and a TPT Sale

There are technically only 9 days left of school this year.  Can you believe it?  The kiddos are so wonderful and have come such a long way!  We are ending the year with our annual (my 2nd annual) Camp Hargrave!  This is the time where we review everything we've learned, travel to new places virtually, sing camp songs around the "campfire," and all kinds of other good natured kid-friendly fun!  I have looked forward to these 2 weeks for the entire year!  

It was a huge hit last year and the kiddos couldn't wait to come to school each and every day. You can see last year's post about it here:  Camp Munchkin & Virtual Field Trips

I hope the kiddos have as much fun this year.  I'm looking forward to so much!  The one thing I am most grateful for is my incredible team!  We've worked really hard and really well together this whole year.  It will be fun to culminate it all with camp songs and goofy games!  They even put my tent up for me in my classroom.  

You see, I'm not a camper.  I'm not coordinated.  I'm in no way whatsoever a "roughing it" kind of girl.  Last year I did put an honest effort into building the tent but I was so frustrated with all those poles and random sticks and clips and whatevers... I just balled it back up and stuffed it in the bag. Even the kids tried to figure it out but we had no luck. But look! There's a tent in my classroom this year!! 

Thanks to my incredible team!! 

Now I'm not saying that I didn't protest the tent going up... I may (or may not) have groaned a little and I may have been a little *too* excited when the stick thingie wasn't going into the clip thingie quite the right way.  But LOOK! The kids are going to have so much fun!!! Thank you, most awesome TEAM!

Last year they wore badges to "camp" that looked like this.
Cute.  Really cute. The kids loved them and ate them up every single day.

But this year, we have new badges.  And they match our TENT!!  
Quite by accident, but still!  


I'm so nerdily excited about this little fact.  
Don't pop my bubble.  :)

Our badges this year look like this: 
Seriously!?  It matches the tent!!!  The original artwork on this year's badges is by the ever-talented Kate Hadfield over at Kate Hadfield Designs.  I literally cannot get enough of her beautiful work.  And those adorable fonts are by Jen Jones over at Hello Literacy.  I've had so much fun using the work of these two very talented folks this year!  

If you want to check out the materials I'm using for Camp this year, check out my pack on TPT.  
It's even on SALE for the next 4 days (5/24-27)!  

How are you ending your school year?  

With happiness,
Jen :)


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