Beginning Place Value

We are about to start the 4th week of First Grade and do you know how tired I am?!  I feel like we've been in school for ages!  I have the sweetest group of Munchkins, though.  One of my team members pointed out that I call them Pumpkin Heads more than I call them Munchkins.  I don't know how or why that has happened, but it sure seems to have stuck!  They are some seriously cute (and way busy) Punkin' Heads!
Through some baseline assessments, that I barely finished on Friday, I realized that the kiddos need some practice with using manipulatives as tools for learning, rather than just toys.  As much as they love to build things (and they will continue to build things all year long), they really need to use these tools to increase their understanding of academic concepts.  With that purpose in mind I put together this simple set of place value task cards.
There are 4 sets included in the bundle.  Three of the sets require students to use different manipulatives to build numbers up to 20, while another set has them building numbers up to 50.  This makes it fairly easy to differentiate your stations.
Print the cards, laminate them so they're pretty sturdy, and then have kiddos turn the sets upside down and take turns picking/building sets of numbers.


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