I'm thinkin' about classroom decor! :)

Teachers spend all summer vacationing, sun tanning, lounging by the pool, without a care in the world, right?  Yeah, right!  I was lucky enough to spend a glorious week in Colorado & I'm off to see my family in Cali in a few short weeks.  I can't wait & am very lucky that my paycheck is spread out over 12 months so that I can enjoy this much needed break.  Just like this pic says...

...it so true, y'all!!  For some reason, the summer always turns into extended planning time for the coming year. 
So, here I am imagining what my room setup with be this year, what colors will I decorate with, and how on earth am I going to implement everything and still have time for art.  Yes, while some random Netflix movie plays on the Apple TV, this is exactly what I'm doing. 
Don't judge. 
I've decided I will use my favorite earth friendly colors of blue & green....and black and white checks!  My favorite setups have been the ones with this color scheme, so back to it I go.  This past year I used a lot of pink and liked it... but I didn't love it.  Don't be too surprised! I love pink but it's more of an accent color.  Like this on my pretty little pony.
Anyway, back to the décor.... this is what my plan is!  I love the deep greens and blues.  Makes me think of ponds, oceans, fresh cut grass, and sweet earthy comfort. 
To go along with this, I made my first product for the year:  Word Wall Headers & Math Vocabulary Cards that match the new Texas Math TEKS for the coming year!  I am so excited.  :)
I like to conserve space but also like to use the cards as jumping off spots for teaching so the cards are not huge but they are fairly simple and to the point.  The Math Vocab cards will be so handy in teaching the future Munchkins the basic concepts of First Grade. 
The preview is below.  Click the pic to visit my TPT store & grab your own copy.  They will match virtually any classroom décor! 
I'm getting excited about the coming year! 


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