Another rainforest app you can't resist! :)

Well, I am obviously a little nerdy and I get really excited to share techno-gadgets with the Munchkins.  Today, we used another rainforest app on the iPad called "Wilder Quest."  I'm pretty sure that it was free, but don't quote me on that.  I am not beyond spending a few bucks on apps for the classroom.
Anywho.... this app allows you to explore the rainforest from a whole new perspective:  as if you were standing there on the forest floor looking up and around! 
The Munchkins were amazed!!
You hold the iPad like a viewfinder and what you see on the screen is what you would see in the forest surrounding you.  There are animals to discover, photos to peruse, videos to offer more information, facts & tidbits about each critter, and so much more.  It is fascinating and exciting and (I'm pretty sure) FREE! 
Screen shot from WilderQuest on iTunes.  See how it's set up like a camera viewfinder?  The kiddos take "pictures" as they research the rainforest and the animals they find there.  I'm telling you, it is fantastic!!  :)
 Check it out and then let the Munchkins run wild.  They won't hurt anything and they'll learn so much all on they're own!
On a more serious note, my prayers go out to all those in Oklahoma tonight.  Especially those students & teachers who had to bear such an event as they did today.  My heart is with them.
This picture of the incredible sky was taken from my backyard in North Central Texas. 


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