Writing Pack Freebie :)

Okay, so the sweet Munchkins have been deprived of paper.  We are already running low on construction paper, Ms. Jennifer has hogged up the copy paper, and we have already run out of manilla paper.  I think they eat paper.  But they love to write and they absolutely love to create things!  How can I deny them that creative outlet?  They need it!  So, in an effort to provide them with more writing tools (along with plenty of blank paper, and colored construction/manilla paper I purchased over the Thanksgiving break) I made this little pack of writing paper

Included is a page for writing postcards, creating lists, and writing a letter to someone special.  I started using these just before the break and I must say they are a hit!  They especially love the lists and remind me whenever I ask them to help me remember something, that I should make a list and then hand me one of these.  I love it!

The graphics are the always adorable DJ Inkers and the fonts are from the ever so lovely Hello Fonts by Jen Jones.  Grab your copy from the links and then hop over to Jen's site on TPT and grab a commercial license if you want to use her adorable fonts in commercial work.  They print up beautifully!

Thank you!  Have a great week after Thanksgiving!

Please remember: The graphics used in these items are copyrighted and may not be used for your own commercial projects or distributed to others. By purchasing or downloading this file, you agree to the Terms of Use. This file is for personal use only, please do not distribute.


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