Independent Learning & a Freebie :)

"Ms. Jennifer, I'm done!  What do I do now?"  I tell them, "I don't like the words 'I'm done.'  What do you think you can do?"  Usually, they laugh and tell me all about the "Can Do's" that they already know they can work on when all their work is complete.  We have lists and anchor charts & activities all over the place!  However, I still have munchkins that are ready for more.

These anchor charts are out with our Daily 5 choices and kiddos know that they can choose whatever option they like so long as they are finished with their "Must Do's."  In the empty boxes, I write short lists of ideas (or a story problem for math).  They seem so grown up moving around the room working on the things they love!  Sometimes it can appear to be a little too busy or disorganized but the kiddos are always working on something that is meaningful.  

I want so badly to include some higher level independent learning activities for the munchkins this year.  I've got some brilliant out of the box thinkers and they often create things that I wish I'd thought of first.  I'm going to try and incorporate this plan sheet that I created last year.  We never got around to even introducing it, but this year I really think they are ready.

So... cross your fingers and put your game face on!  I really think they will come up some amazing ideas.  Their build in choices are:  write, create, research, and solve.  And then there's an open spot where they can come up with their own.  Then they need to tell me the materials that they need and draw me a picture of their plan.  Once I approve it, they can set off on their own!  I think they will rock it.  

Grab your free copy here.  :)

♥ Have a wonderful week! ♥

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