So, the munchkins are struggling with high frequency words. I blame myself. I stopped doing most worksheets in lieu of Daily 5 rotations and I didn't make up for that missing piece.

My solution has been to play "Sprinkles" which is a word spelling game & to change the way I use our passwords outside the classroom door.

Kiddos have to hit the word I ask for and then the sentence of whichever color I give them for the day. For example, "Hit what and the pink sentence!" So far so good!

Let's see if I can be consistent long enough to make it stick. :D


  1. Cute! We play a game at the end of the day with our ww words and a flashlight. My kiddos love it and it is easy with nothing to make.

    Heather's Heart

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments! I'd love to know how you play your ww game. :)


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