Expo is Magic! :)

Here I am, on a new adventure... I have been teaching kindergarten for 12 years and I'm so full of kindiekin happiness, I think it might be about time that I begin to gather together and share it with others.  So... here goes nothin'! :)

My first thought to share is one I'm pretty sure most everyone already knows... Expo Markers ROCK!  Most classroom furniture is made from non-porous laminate materials.  Makes sense if you think about it; easy to clean and durable!  Because of that wonderful laminate goo atop our classroom furniture, dry erase markers will write on & wipe right off.  Especially those amazing day-glow neon colored markers found here.

The kiddos get so excited when they know it's their turn to write on the table & with training, they will learn that these are the only markers to use!  Keep some baby wipes on hand and clean up is a breeze.

Thank you, dry erase markers of happiness!  You work wonders for the munchkins & make learning fun!  :)

"A boat go" and a picture of a boat with a label!  The kindiekins are learning! :)


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